Microchip’s PIC18 USB HID example Win32 Host Software (native c++)

In a previous post I covered the coding of the host side for Microchip’s PIC18 USB HID demo and the implementation of the demo itself on custom-desgined hardware (you can read it here). Even though Microchip provides the host source code for windows, such example is outdated and available only in managed .net code  (c++, c# and VB), which took me several hours to port to .net 4.0. Furthermore, despite the fact that the managed source actually uses pinvoke calls to Win32 functions, it is somewhat difficult to get it working on a native c++ implementation. Continue reading “Microchip’s PIC18 USB HID example Win32 Host Software (native c++)”


Setting up an Internet radio station (icecast + jackd + idjc)

A few moths ago I had the idea of making a web-based broadcasting system to transmit audio from a server to mobile devices connected to my local network. As a web-handicapped programmer, I originally thought of a solution based on UDP sockets, but then realized that you can’t (or at least shouldn’t) work directly with UDP sockets from a web app. As it turns out, the easier way to go was to create a local Internet radio station, that way there is no need to write a single line of code for neither the server nor the clients. Continue reading “Setting up an Internet radio station (icecast + jackd + idjc)”